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Pesach with Eden Prestige  means you are ensured a growth-filled, meaningful experience. For your spiritual satisfaction, each day of Yom Tov will bring world-renowned lecturers speaking on a variety of timely, relevant topics.


Exceptional Speakers, Timely Topics

Our lecture programs include a variety of presentations and panel discussions by prominent scholars-in-residence and guest lecturers — rabbis, educators, diplomats, and journalists. There are stimulating morning, afternoon and evening lectures on a wide range of issues affecting the Jewish community. We also hear from guests who have interesting stories as well as local experts.

Enrich your spirit with fascinating lectures and Shiurim.

Daily conferences shiurimand lectures in English, Hebrew and French.

Prof. Yossef Paperon is teaching hassidism at the Sorbonne ( Paris ) ; he is also the author of a book on Talmud and has a regular lecture on jewish thought  at the French Jewish radio. He has a PhD in Hebrew and also in classical literature, but nevertheless, he really tries to speak for everybody : to associate depth in thought and easy understanding.(Our legitimacy on the land of Israel.The plague of darkness in Egypt and the theme of light in Kabbala.Judaism and modern Psychology ....)


  • Dr Vanessa De Loya Stauber .

  • Prof. Yossef Paperon.
  • Mr. David Stauber .

                   “ A Pesach 2018 holiday to remember.” 



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