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A Perfect Passover 2017 Program !


Once again Eden Prestige will offer superstar chol hamoed entertainment !



Ever dream of a Chol HaMoed minus traffic, hassle…and kvetching? This Pesach, get ready to enjoy an endless stream of fabulous shows for all ages—by staying put. Eden Prestige  has prepared an unforgettable lineup, bringing you the best and brightest of the Jewish entertainment world today.


Leisure and activities

Spectacular evenings, Cantorial shows, Folklore evening with local music and dance and much more... with Hassidic and Oriental music

Discovery excursion :Barcelona,Tarragona...and a cruise will be proposed to you



  • Musical Extravaganzas
  • Top Name Comedians
  • Comedy Groups
  • Jewish & Israeli Vocalists
  • Illusionists & Magicians
  • Casino Night
  • Games & Tournaments  


 Mark Schiff 

 Private Show !

When Mark Schiff was six, his mother took him into Manhattan every weekend for singing and ballet lessons. When Mark returned to school each Monday and showed his fellow Bronx classmates what he had learned, the class would gather around and beat him up. Mark’s mother smartened up and enrolled him in karate lessons, but those came to a halt when the karate teacher beat him up. When Mark was twelve, his parents took him to a nightclub. There, live on stage was Rodney Dangerfield doing his act. At that moment, he knew the path he had to follow.

Mark has headlined in all the major casinos and clubs across the country and has appeared many times on both The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Night with David Letterman. He has had both HBO and Showtime specials, and has been the featured act at the Montreal Comedy Festival. He has written for and guest starred on Mad About You, as well appearing on Empty Nest and serving as a writer on The Roseanne Show.

Mark Schiff is one of the funniest, the brightest, the best stage comics I have ever seen. —Jerry Seinfeld

…if you can get him, I would do it, because there is nobody funnier… —Paul Reiser


Lisa Jacobs "the singer with the golden voice " 

 Private Concert for Women

Manchester's singing sensation Lisa Jacobs has been singing across the UK and Europe over the past 10 years. Originally from Leeds, England, she has performed in numerous productions ranging from solo performances to stage musicals. 
Already a firm favourite with Shabbat UK, Lisa performs annually as lead vocalist in Manchester's highly acclaimed Challah Bake Band comprising some of the best female musicians in the UK.
Lisa caters for all audiences and age groups covering a wide range of music styles including Disney classics, Broadway favourites and current Jewish music. When Lisa sings, she transports her audience through a journey of emotions making each listener feel a connection with the songs. 
Always in demand, 2017 looks to be a big year ahead with a fully booked schedule for the upcoming months culminating in the Eden Prestige Pesach experience. 





MUSIC BAND BY Natanel Dorai 

 The greatest pianist of all time !



" Albert Elkrief " 

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Albert's musical career began at age thirteen when he began performing at small local events and audiences were mesmerized by his dazzling voice. Passionate about both singing and his ability to inspire people through music. Jewish music lovers everywhere began to buzz about the talented newcomer with the golden voice.


" RUBEN " 

Ruben is a world renowned singer and is constantly working on bringing original music, joy, and spirit to the jewish music world.


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Hai Korkos   "  The greatest singer  " Paytan  "


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Once again Eden Prestige will offer superstar chol hamoed entertainment !


“ A Passover 2017 holiday to remember.”

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